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An Eye for an Eye...

It might have taken a while, but Eric had time, he had as much time as he needed. The information that Miles Stantons' friends gave him proved her guilt. He had been waiting, watching, had seen who had arrived and had seen who had left. He'd been paying Top's business the kind of attention that only obsession could begin to fuel.

His children slaughtered, his parents slaughtered, and his friends. She had clung to Top and watched, their deaths in her name at her request. She had even counted the bodies as she left the bloody scene. Derek had misjudged her, she was as guilty as the man that had pulled the trigger, wielded the knife. These innocents had died because she had wanted it. At least that's how the survivors had seen it, and it was their story he had heard.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a fiancee for a fiancee. But he would wait. Wait until the night before the wedding, he would repay Top with precisely the same fate he had bestowed upon him.

Back in Detroit

Gideon's pawn shop, he didn't need Tin-tin this time to tell him where he'd find his valuables. He'd already given the ring to Sarah, but there was something else he wanted. And noone was going to stop him. After Shelly and Sarah, the single most important thing in his life. His guitar.

With an eerie irony, he banged at the door, before kicking it wide open. The door slammed against the wall behind it.

"Suddenly, I heard a tapping,as if someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. You heard me rapping, right?"

"Yeah freak, I heard ya rapping. Door was fucking open though. Whatdya want?", he replied without looking up from the porn magazine he was flipping through. Then those words hit him as this man's identity was suddenly quite clear.

"It seems, you don't remember me, or have never met me. Either way, I'll take the Ibanex guitar", Eric's gun was unholstered and he was pointing it straight at the overweight slob infront of him.

There were no arguments from Gideon, he'd been here before. And the last thing he needed was his shop blowing the fuck up again. "Fuck man, just take what you want, just leave my shop in tact. I learned my lesson, aint even been dealing with them fucks since your last visit, I swear. Guitar's out back, it survived the blast through some fucking act of God or somethin'"

With a flick of the gun, Eric pointed to the door behind Gideon.

He didn't harm Gideon this time, he didn't lace the building with gasoline. Just took that guitar and calmly walked back out again.


One down. Four, five to go?


The Crow has brought me back. I intend to find out why.

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